Global Development Month

Institute for Global Development, UNSW, Sydney, Australia

26th October 2018

Global Development Month, UNSW

On Friday October 26 I had the pleasure of delivering a paper at UNSW as part of a plenary session on Development Studies in Australia today: reflections, challenges and opportunities. The plenary was hosted by The Institute for Global Development (as part of UNSW’s Global Development Month) and included presentations by Patrick Kilby (ANU), Sharon Bessell (ANU), and Heloise Weber (UQ).

In my own paper, I discussed ‘5 reasons why it is a great time to be a Development Studies ECR in Australia’. The five themes that I covered were: 1. The need to provide a nuanced engagement and dialogue with some of the critical challenges of our time (both domestically and internationally); 2. the need for further interrogation of rising South-South cooperation and other shifts in the global development landscape; 3. Opportunities presented through the SDGs; 4. the myriad of development studies groups, networks and initiatives that are currently taking place across Australia and New Zealand, and; 5. the growing dialogue that is taking place between academia, policy and practice in Australia.

The core message of my presentation was that it truly is a great time to be a Development Studies ECR in Australia, as our epistemic community is growing stronger all the time.

I enjoyed my time at UNSW, and I would like to thank all those that attended. I was also like to offer particular thanks to Tanya Jakimow (senior lecturer, UNSW) for the invitation, and to the Institute for Global Development for their funding support. I hope I can return again soon.