I recently received a copy of Anne-Sophie Gindroz’s testimony ‘Laos, The Silent Repression’. Anne-Sophie was expelled from Laos in late 2012 following her ongoing efforts to advance political freedom and promote human rights. 


Below is a weblink that will take you to a copy of her full 146 page monograph available for free download. 


This is an important work that offers valuable insights into Laos’ political-economic system, and which offers some deeply moving vignettes of Anne-Sophie’s personal experiences while working in the country.


The work is dedicated to abducted Lao community development worker Sombath Somphone and his wife Shui-Meng.


“The deserted village

Supplied by land and rice fields

Cattle and grazing space

Natural springs, fish, and a river

But without any negotiations

Nor even an explanation

They suffer the sentence

Of a forbidden city”


(Gindroz 2017: 28)