Belt and Road Initiative, infrastructure, Laos, Retroliberalism, Violence

Sims, K. (2021) ‘Infrastructure Violence and Retroliberal Development: Connectivity and Dispossession in Laos’, Third World Quarterly

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cambodia, China, international relations, non-interference

Po, Sovinda and Sims, Kearrin (2021) ‘The Myth of Non-Interference: Chinese Foreign Policy in Cambodia, Asian Studies Review,

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Development Studies, Global Development, Human Rights, Laos, Sombath Somphone, Thinking and Working Politically, TWP

Sims, Kearrin (2021) ‘Risk navigation for Thinking and Working Politically: the work and disappearance of Sombath Somphone’, Development Policy Review, 39(4), 604-620

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Bangladesh, climate change, Development Studies, Global Development

Roy, S. and Sims, K. (2020) ‘Climate change mitigation and adaptation in Bangladesh: The need for community-based approaches’, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, online view

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Development Studies, Global Development

Sims, K. 2018, ‘Teaching Development Studies in Times of Change’, Asia Pacific Viewpoint, 59(2), 147-158. SPECIAL ISSUE

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Development Studies, Global Development, Laos, Poverty Alleviation

Sims, K., 2017, ‘Gambling on the Future: Casino Enclaves, Development and Poverty Alleviation in Laos’, Pacific Affairs, 90(4), 675-700.

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Human Rights, Laos

Sims, K., 2017, ‘Economic Growth and Development in Lao PDR: Who Pays for Progress?’, Human Rights Defender, University of New South Wales, (26)2.

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Community-oriented learning, Culture & Development, Development Studies, Global Development, Laos, Participatory Development, Post-2015, Sombath Somphone

Sims, K., 2015, ‘Culture, community-oriented learning and the post-2015 development agenda: a view from Laos’, Third World Quarterly, 36(10): 1922-1943.

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Asian Development Bank, Development Studies, Global Development, Laos, Neoliberalism, Poverty Alleviation

Sims, K., 2015, ‘The Asian Development Bank and the production of poverty: Neoliberalism, technocratic modernization and land dispossession in the Greater Mekong Subregion’, Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography, 36(1): 112-126

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Development Studies, displacement, Laos

Sims, Kearrin. (2013) ‘Raising Homes for a Rising Asia: Development-induced-displacement and Regionalism in Laos’, LEWI Working Paper Series, David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.

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Development, Development Studies, Global Development, Human Security, Laos, Unexploded Ordinance

Howe, B. and Sims, K., 2011 ‘Human Security and Development in Lao PDR: A responsibility to provide and protect’, Asian Survey, 51(2): 333-355.

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