Those of you that follow my blog will know that the ‘Rethinking Development Pedagogy and Practice’ symposium that I put together earlier this year was co-convened by the RDI Network.


Recently the RDI Network ran a researcher profile on me in their newsletter and, in exchange, I thought I should return the favour by briefly summarising why I think the network is such a valuable contribution to Australia’s development sector.


Who are the RDI Network?

The RDI Network is a network of practitioners, researchers and evaluators working in international development.

The Network exists to foster collaboration between Australian universities and NGOs in order to promote high quality and ethical development research, translated as evidence and applied to effective policy and practice.

The Network exists to lead, stimulate and support:

  • Effective, ethical development research practice

  • Cross-sector partnerships and linkages

  • Uptake and use of evidence in policy and practice


Why is the RDI Network so important?


It is now widely recognised that overcoming poverty and injustice requires effective partnerships that link quality research, policy and practice for international development.

The importance of effective partnerships is a central component The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, as is reflected in Goal 17 of the SDG’s – ‘Partnerships for the Goals’.

Since it was established in late 2015, the RDI Network has had many great achievements, including, but not limited to:

  • The development of a training module and supporting resources for the application of the Principles and Guidelines for Ethical Research and Evaluation in Development

  • The development of a dedicated website which will provide the latest information about events and resources from the Network and beyond

  • Hosting a number of forums, symposiums and an annual conference

  • Launch of its monthly publication The Development Bulletin

Enhanced dialogue and partnerships between academia, the government and policy experts is crucial to improving development outcomes in Australia, and the RDI Network has quickly established itself as an invaluable partnership-building organisation.


My Newsletter Profile


Ok, time for some shameless self-promotion. Below is my feature in the RDI newsletter. If you don’t already subscribe to RDI’s newsletter, I strongly recommend doing so.