Wow. Is it May already? Where is 2018 going?


I’ve had a tremendously busy start to the year working on a number of exciting projects. I’m working on the design of a new Master’s program at JCU, I’m teaching 3 subjects and coordinating our current Master of Development Practice, I am working on a research End-User project with Rustic Pathways, and I’m part of a team of scholars behind the exciting new Association of Mainland Southeast Asia Scholars (AMSEAS). There are also various other activities afoot, but hopefully you will take these few tasks as sufficient excuse for my lack of updates to the website…


Anyway, I am writing this to share some most exciting news. 


I was recently awarded the William L. Holland Prize by Pacific Affairs for my 2017 article ‘Gambling on the Future: Casino Enclaves, Development, and Poverty Alleviation in Laos’. More details on the prize and an open-access link to the paper can be found here:


I feel sincerely honoured to receive this award from such an outstanding journal. It is strong motivation to continue my research in Southeast Asia.


The image of this blog is from the Burmese migrant worker settlement at the Kings Romans casino.